Listen up people! This a grey sweatsuit! (see below).

Let there be no more confusion! It is both grey and a sweatsuit
and the worst thing to happen to fashion since MC Hammer. Way worse!

This is what you'll be wearing (or something close to it) when you run into fashion on the scene and say,
You know what fashion?! I'm tired of changing my look every season because you want to sell more shit! I'm happy with who I am and don't need to create a 1980's (or whatever it is currently in fashion) version of myself to have fun anymore!

What we're exhibiting in our diagram (download printable PDF version below) is the ideal sweatsuit. By no means do we expect everyone to be able to meet this standard. We understand that not all greys will match and that peoples bodies sometimes don't work with the whole, S,M,L,XL and M/F code.

For example, we knew a guy in school who wore womens jeans, just 'cause it felt right. Do your best. We trust you and trust is the most important thing in any revolutionary relationship. Download the printable PDF now or read below to experience our decidedly-less-rad html version.

Hoody or sweatshirt. Both permissable. Reinforced neck (observe the V).

A conventional cut of light grey coloured material.

Observe, NO LOGO'S anywhere! If you have logos cover them with a grey sweatsuit patch, and then everything will be fine again.

Drawstring or elastic waist pants.

If you're lucky you may have pockets, if not use a "Fanny Pack". A money belt has also been a suggested solution for the pocketless cut.

Beware of fit in this area! Avoid going too baggy (Hip Hop) or too tight (Aerobics). Both have their weaknesses. Think neutral, perhaps slightly fitted. Wedgies and protruding penis might be an issue in this locale, take note.

Cuffs on both the sweatshirt and pants.

Recommended accessories include white socks and t-shirt with dark sneakers. Or, for the more hardcore, Kung-Fu slippers!